doublepluslovely is an occasional blog about visual culture, the joy of reading, and intimate interactions with design and technology.

(Some) of the animating questions behind what I read, reflect on, and write about:

  • Is it possible to celebrate material objects without being materialistic?
  • What makes an object beautiful? What makes an object ugly in an interesting way (maybe a jolie laide way)? What's the point of beauty?
  • What is it like to be living with, touching, feeling, and using designed objects? What is the lived experience of wearing the clothes I love? How can I write about how things feel, and not just how they look?
  • How do I sustain an interest in fashion without buying things? What would it look like to talk about fashion without consumption?

This blog is built with Eleventy, a friendly and delightful static site generator. I am not (yet) someone who makes sourdough bread at home, but I have to imagine the joy is similar to building a website from the ground up, and getting to make every small decision about how things look and feel and are built. It's currently typeset in David Jonathan Ross's Roslindale, Klim's Founders Grotesk, Zapf's Palatino, and your local sans-serif system font (San Francisco on Apple devices).

If you've read something and had any kind of response—thought—critique—reflection, then let me know on Instagram or email me at

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